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Patient Corner


“Seven months ago, I was so depressed I wasn’t able to function. After six weeks of TMS Therapy, I was back to work; I was enjoying my kids again and I had my life back.”


“I would say at about my fifth week of TMS Therapy I started to see a difference…just felt more motivated in my home. Probably more joyful around people. Just a little bit more of that normal feeling.”


“To be able to get my life back and function normally is a blessing. TMS therapy worked for me. I can function now on a day to day basis – enjoying life.”

olivia pool

“The day to day tasks you take for granted - like shopping, eating out can become painful chores. With TMS treatment these daily chores became something I started looking forward to - like before! It was a blessing to be back and enjoying these small day to day activities.”

You’re not alone with depression

You’ve tried medications for depression but they haven’t worked. You’re looking for a solution but you don’t know what to turn to next.

You’re not alone. Many patients who suffer from Major Depressive Disorder have stories just like yours. And many of them have turned to NeuroStar TMS Therapy to help reduce their symptoms.

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